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The instructions below outline the steps that a Coach (Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, or Team Managers) or Player (Player's Parent) can use to assign themselves to a team roster.  This is an important step to, among other things, make certain that coaches, players, and parents are "connected" to their team to receive their game notifications and other important information.  Additionally, there are links as to how to log in to the website if you already have an account (returning coaches and players) and/or forgot your password. 


   Note:  Club Leaders and Coaches can include the url (assignment.ctbbc.org) when sending out emails to others to direct them to this page.



 The general process is as follows:

1)      Determine if you are already listed on your team page by going to ctbbc.org and navigating to your team.

a)      "Team -->Choose Team -->  Your Teams Division ( 7th Grade Girls, etc) --> Your Team (East Lyme 7G)

Note: Some Clubs have multiple teams in the same division (for example: HK 4G (A) and HK 4G (B) ).  If that is the case for your club please ensure with your Club President or Coach that you have the correct team.

b)      Once there, click on the “Roster” button on the left to view who is currently on the roster.


2)      If you are not listed on your team’s roster, then register using the appropriate registration below.

a)      For Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers use:  coach.ctbbc.org

b)      For Players use: player.ctbbc.org

c)       During registration you will be asked to log in if you have an account or to create an account.


Note:   If you have an account but forgot your password click “forgot password?” and then type in your account email.  If your email address matches your account on file then a password reset will be sent to you.


d)      After registration you will be added to your team's Roster.  Please verify this by repeating step 1.





Coaches Registration

The coaches Registration will allow Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Managers to be assigned to League Teams.


Player Registration

The Player Registration allows players to join league team rosters.  Please use this link when sending out emails to parents to assign their kids to rosters.



Logging in



Password Reset