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Loading your roster is a critical task to ensure we maintain competitive balance throughout the season and especially during the playoffs.  Please review the information below carefully and adhere to the spirit and letter of the mandate that no team may add a team to their roster after the regular season begins without the express written approval of Connectict Basketball's Executive Committee.


Note:  The instuctions below are meant for Coaches, Assistant Coaches or Team Managers that want to add players to their team's roster.  If preferred the Parents of the players can do this themselves by using the instuctions on the "Assigning yourself to a team" page (assignment.ctbbc.org).



In order to assign your roster to your team, you first must be signed in to your account and be listed on your team's roster page as the team's Coach, Assistant Coach or Team Manager. If you are not, you can add your self by going to the "Assigning yourself to a team" page (assignment.ctbbc.org).


Previously CTBBC rostered players

After you are signed in, the first step to assigning players to your team's roster is to see if they already exist in the CTBBC system or not.  Use this link to determine if they exist in our system and if they do add them to your team's roster.


Players new to CTBBC

For players not in the CTBBC system, use these instructions to add them and assign them to your team's roster.


Step 1 - Navigate to your team(s) roster page by using the "Team" menu and navigating to your team.

Step 2 - Click on the "Roster" link on the left side.

Step 3 - Add the player by clicking on "Options>Add a Player


Step 4 - Fill out the blank player entry form.  Note: CTBBC requires the highlighted information as a minimum.


Contact Tab

Personal Tab

Teams Tab


Step 5 - Finish by Clicking the submit button.

For additional players repeat Steps 3 through 5.