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The Connecticut Basketball Conference is one of the largest youth (travel and AAU) and high school basketball leagues in New England,  It plays more than 2,000 in its winter season, providing various town/travel, high school and AAU basketball related opportunities for girls and boys who seek competitive experiences and are qualified, both by ability and desire, to compete in a competitive basketball environment. For town/travel, our boys and girls teams compete in the 4th-8th Grade Divisions.

The goal of this competitive basketball program is to promote the sport of basketball as an avenue to help young people develop a positive self-image, a sense of pride toward the community, respect for others and good training skills and healthy habits. This competitive program places a particular emphasis on individual Basketball skills in a team atmosphere. 

To apply for admission, please complete our on-line application at apply.ctbbc.org or go to the "Forms" tab of our website and follow the instructions. 

We unfortunately do not accept all teams that apply to Connecticut Basketball and our application deadline is October 24.

Scheduling & Fees

Our League centrally schedules all League games and scheduling (and divisional placement) are based on: (1) town size (and location); (2) analytics regarding a team's prior performance; and (3) other relevant data, including changes in a team's composition from year to year. 

Following an analysis of these factors, Connecticut Basketball produces a schedule for each team which runs from November through the first week of March.

Each teams' schedule is predominantly made up of teams within their geographic region. We typically "meet in the middle" at neutral sites in Norwich, New Britain, Centerbrook/Essex, etc. 

A "full schedule" for a team that hosts 8 home dates and can play without restrictions (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) is 16-20 League games (with room for 4-6 friendlies which they may schedule on their own).  A "partial" schedule is six to 12 games.  

Teams without gym time play their home games in one of our neutral site facilities.

If you have home gym time you must submit the listing of game slots by October 24th.

The fee for new teams is $200.00.  In the age of COVID, teams without a home court will play at one of our four neutral sites and be charged based upon number of games--which is expected to be 10 (ten). 

Eligibility & Competition Issues

Our Club and Team eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • All players from any Club or team must be from the same town.  (Any exception to this rule but be expressly approved by Connecticut Basketball's President.)
  • Players are strictly prohibited from "playing down" but are permitted (and encouraged) to "play up."
  • Clubs and teams must provide proof of insurance and keep said insurance in good standing.
  • Clubs and teams must execute a League waiver and release of liability at the beginning of each season.

Community Service Requirements

All Connecticut Basketball teams must participate in our Thanksgiving Food Drive (by bringing food to their game), our X-Mas Holiday clothing drive (by bringing clothes to their game) and Coaches Versus Cancer (by wearing pink to their game and taking up a collection for the American Cancer Society drive.)

All-Stars, Tournament and Special Events 

All-Star games are played over the President's Day holiday. We host tournaments on every school holiday in which non-members participate. Our Conference playoffs are typically played in the first or second week of March. 

To apply for admission, please complete our on-line application at apply.ctbbc.org or go to the "Forms" tab of our website and follow the instructions.  It will be electronically transmitted to our League President, Gary Collins at garyhughcollins@gmail.com.

We unfortunately do not accept all teams that apply to Connecticut Basketball and our application deadline is September 30, 2020.

We look forward to seeing you on the court!

Connecticut Basketball Conference